Saturday, June 28, 2008

What to Eat Gluten-Free at Ruby Tuesday's

The following information is from the Ruby Tuesday's website, under the general FAQ. While RT has been snotty in the past, at least they've put up some info. Good luck.

Currently all of our fried food is prepared in soybean oil. Our French
fries are fried in the same oil as our breaded items.

Please be aware that we do serve white and wheat hamburger buns which all contain wheat flour. Our premium knot roll and rolls used for Ruby Minis are white bread, while our Golden Bun used for most burgers is a wheat bun. All are made from wheat flour.

The following menu items are acceptable for guests with a gluten
intolerance or Celiac Sprue disease:

Steaks (with Ruby's seasoning only)
Chicken Oscar
Chicken Fresco
Any burger without bread (EXCLUSIONS: turkey burgers, the onion tanglers on minis, French fries)

Broccoli as currently prepared
Mashed potatoes as
currently prepared
Baked potato without sour cream
Salad bar with discretion (excludes prepared salads on the salad bar)

Acceptable salad dressings:
Bleu Cheese
Lite Ranch
Thousand Island

Unfortunately, for all other food items, Ruby Tuesday, Inc. cannot provide a listing of allergens that might be present in our menu items for the following reasons:

It is always possible, as we are preparing food in over 800 restaurants every day, that one item will be substituted for another, and that the substitute product's contents may be different from the ingredients in the products we normally use.

As food is being prepared in our restaurants, it often comes in contact with other food, so even though a specific item may not contain allergens, it could be affected by another food item that does.

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