Thursday, August 14, 2008

What to Eat Gluten-Free at Outback Steakhouse

TK Kenyon, the Celiac Maniac, is pleased to tell you that the ubiquitous Outback Steakhouse has a gluten-free menu, and they're good about training their waitstaff and chefs about cross-contamination. I've always had attentive, reliable service, there.

When you go in, ask for the neatly printed gluten-free menu. The only caveat is that you may want to ask for a regular menu, too, as the GF menu does not have prices on it.

Many of Outback's menu items are GF or can be slightly modified to be GF. (I hate it when "GF menus" are basically a list of meats and a baked potato and an admonition to avoid any sauces, seasonings, or anything that might make it taste good.)

Good news: many of the salad dressings are GF, as are the Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes and the BBQ sauce.

Bad news: The Bloomin' Onion cannot be made GF.

Outback even offers three desserts, though the "Cinnamon Apple Sundae" turns out to be vanilla ice cream with pecans and caramel sauce, after you remove the gluten-containing items. The "Chocolate Thunder from Down Under" is GF through and through. Just order it and slide into an Aussie chocolate coma.

Menu Main Page: (Click GF PDF on the left side.)

PDF of GF Menu:

Find an Outback near you:

Don't forget that they have curb-side take-away and online ordering:



Mike Eberhart said...

I always like places like Outback that publish a gluten-free menu. I don't go there often, and rarely eat meat, but when I do give into a craving, I like that Outback Special (sirloin) they have. Now that I think about it, I haven't been out to eat there in ages. I tend to go out for Chinese GF at PF Changs more it seems (another good mainstream GF-menu place). Most of the time I tend to just eat at home, as my wife spoils me with her many gluten-free recipes for common things I like. But, I am "due" for a night out, and perhaps Outback will be on the menu :)

TK Kenyon said...

Thanks for the post, Mike!

And for y'all folks, I've been to Mike's blog at Gluten-Free Recipes, (see above comment,) and it's a great resource!