Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some Red Robin Locations Have GF French Fries

I love french fries. I really love great french fries. Unfortunately, most restaurants fry their french fries in the same oil as they fry gluten-crusted chicken sandwiches, onion rings, etc. The sediment from the crusts has more than enough gluten to provoke a gluten reaction, at least for me.

Burger King restaurants, in general, use a designated fryer for french fries and just french fries, and then they sprinkle the fries with nothin' but salt. The fries are so crisp that they have a pastry-like texture. Excellent.

Sometimes, however, you want an alternative, like a basket of nice steak fries.

Some Red Robin Restaurants, which are upscale burger joints, have seperate fryers for french fries versus breaded items. The Red Robin near my parents' house in Arizona, specifically the one in Surprise, AZ, on Bell Road just west of Grand Ave. (14015 W. Bell Rd. Surprise, AZ 85374,) have separated out their fryers. Ask your server.

Though there is no nutrition info on their website, my server was knowledgable about gluten contamination. I stuffed steak fries in my mouth before he finished his shpiel.

I stuffed myself stupid on steak fries last week in AZ. Love-love-loved them. They're big, potatoey, scrumptious slabs of carb, and they keep bringing you more ("bottomless basket") until you ask them to stop.

No glutenization reaction. Awesome.

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