Monday, October 26, 2009

Schar Fusilli Pasta is great!

TK Kenyon, the Celiac Maniac, is here to tell you that recently, Schar pasta began appearing in my health food stores and grocery stores. It was expensive, so I put off trying it.

Well, I tried it, and it's flipping awesome.

This is as close to "real" pasta as I've tasted in years. Other corn and rice pastas were gritty and/or slimy, but Schar came out absolutely wonderful: firm, toothsome, and actually tasted good!

It's made in Italy. Go figure: the Italians know how to make really good pasta.

While I still enjoy the soy-based Nutrition Kitchen's Green Soybean pasta that I posted about here, but Schar's Fusilli is a closer approximation of the real pasta thing. It was great with marinara, alfredo, and cold in pasta salad.

In addition, my local Walmart now has a Gluten-Free section, where I found the box of Schar Fusilli for $5 instead of the $8.50 that my local over-priced grocery store wanted. My local health food store wanted $7 for it.

I plan to try every Schar product out there.

Schar has a nicely informative website as well. 

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Zanne said...

I also just found Schar pasta recently. It is fantastic! I am a foodie and was long before I had to go GF. I tried the tagliatelle, and other than the fact that the pieces are short, the taste (to me) is actually better than reg. pasta. The only difference I can find is that wheat pasta is a little starchy on the outside which holds the sauces better. But I really like the Schar.
I'm glad to know about Walmart having it - I think we GF people get ripped off on the prices because there's no incentive to keep prices reasonable. Maybe stores like Walmart will force the issue. I have the same problem with Breads From Anna mixes. Absolutely love her bread, but the prices are ridiculous.