Friday, December 9, 2011

Ebook: 60 Chain Restaurants and What To Eat Gluten Free

Howdy fellow GF-ers,

I've written an ebook with information about being GF and eating in US chain restaurants called "What To Eat When You Eat Out, Gluten Free." There's an Amazon button over there at the left.

It's also available for all ereaders on Smashwords: All Ereaders Link .

It is now also available at iBooks, Kobo,, Sony store, etc.

Eating out at restaurants with celiac disease or other gluten reaction is playing gluten roulette. You might be fine. You might get really sick.

Traveling makes it worse. You can find yourself in an unfamiliar city with no time to research a safe little GF bistro, if there is one.

This indispensable reference ebook lists 60 restaurant chains, hyperlinked from an index, from Applebee’s to Z Pizza, with details like:

  • Whether they have a gluten-free menu and where (On the menu? Separate menu? In a binder?)
  • All the items on the menu that are GF
  • Whether they carry GF specialty products like GF hamburger buns or pasta
  • Links to more allergen information and locations on the web
  • Personal notes and an analysis of web information about that chain

Thirty-three restaurant chains are rated as Good for Gluten Free. A separate hyperlinked index directs you to just the good ones.

Seven are rated as Not Recommended due to serious concerns, several of which advertise that they have special gluten-free menus and selections. Have you eaten at one of them? Did you get sick?

As a bonus, excellent individual restaurants are listed by state.

This ebook is optimized for smartphones, ereaders, and tablets.

At the front, there are 3 hyperlinked indices:

  • Index of Good GF Restaurants
  • Index of All Restaurants
  • Index of Local GF Restaurants by Location/State

If you like it, please review it!

Thank you!
TK, the Celiac Maniac

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